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Use rain water for more than your garden

Recycled water tanks are a great way to capture and use water you don't have to pay for.

recycled water tanks installation under new build house by Hinton Plumbing


Setting up a water tank might seem straightforward, but it requires considerable expertise to execute correctly and prevent any future issues. The significance of the water tank, often overlooked, lies in its role within a broader system. Specifically, within a rainwater harvesting setup, every component must be flawlessly aligned with one another to guarantee efficient functioning. Thus, the method and location of integrating the water tank into the overall water system are crucial.

Without plumbing expertise or relevant training, designing the entire water system can be challenging. Our team of water specialists will determine the necessary size for the water tank based on your water usage needs, as well as the required pump pressure. Drawing from our experience, we believe that professional know-how is key to ensuring meticulous planning and seamless coordination.

Why choose Hinton Plumbing?

At Hinton Plumbing, with over 30 years of expertise, we are leaders in rainwater collection systems, water tanks, Aqua filters, and water pumps. Since our establishment in 2000, we have been at the forefront of designing, installing, and maintaining rainwater harvesting systems and water tanks across Auckland, Rodney, and South Kaipara Flats. This extensive experience positions our service team as seasoned professionals in water tank installations across New Zealand.

With Hinton Plumbing, you benefit from having all necessary trades coordinated under one roof for the successful installation of your storage tank. When we visit your site to install a water tank, rest assured that our job isn’t done until everything is perfect. Our water specialists make sure that your entire water system functions flawlessly, guaranteeing you the highest water quality available. Trust in our dedication to excellence and our commitment to getting it right on the first attempt.

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Rachel Saffer
15 April 2024
Great experience. Knowledgeable and very helpful coming up with an affordable solution for my plumbing issue. Thanks to Mike and his team!
Zaireen Ali
19 December 2023
Highly recommend Mike and his team. Great service and Mike himself made the time for an urgent request I had. Their workmanship is definitely commendable and the team provides a very high level of customer service.
Colossal Construction
18 April 2022
We have been using Hinton Plumbing for over 5 years, their workmanship and customer service is next to none. Highly recommend Mike and his team for all plumbing jobs big or small.
Matt Tierney
17 April 2022
Mike and the Hinton Plumbing crew have carried out all our plumbing needs for the last 10 years. No job too big or too small - from time critical rental fixes, full apartment refits and 1970s house kitchen / bathroom remodelling and general plumbing needs. The professional plumbing service and straight up no BS advice we will continue to lean on Hinton Plumbing for top notch service.
James Oddy
24 August 2020
Dan Marsh
26 May 2020
Excellent fast and friendly service! Would and will recommend to anyone who needs plumbing done. Thanks guys!
Andrew Hamilton
21 April 2020
Fast service, reasonable rates,high quality work
Hamid Zwart
7 April 2020
We have been using Hinton plumbing for over 15 years now need I say more?. Our customers love having them in their house. They always turn up on time and do a fantastic quality job at a reasonable rate. Great team that you can rely on. Thanks Mike & Co
Gin Sullivan
4 March 2020
Excellent plumbers. Know what they are doing, extremely reliable, great service. We have used Mike and his workers on all our jobs and are constantly impressed by them. Highly recommend.